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Container Services

Borusan port With a 450 m linear berth space, 14,5 m water depth, 2 SSGs and 3 MHCs, Borusan Port container terminal represents the highest standards in the region. Thanks to a full array of hi-tech equipment the port boasts exceptional speed in ship handling, guaranteeing a service level of 60 cont/hr to main line ships. Borusan Port offers the best facilities in the Gemlik Bay to feeder ships as well, including 4 alternative berths of 200 m and over. Ship and yard operations are planned and managed fully entegrated each other.


  • Container loading, unloading, shifting services
  • Container terminal services
  • CFS services (container packing, unpacking, sampling, full inspection, etc.)
  • Reefer container services
  • IMCO class container services (IMO 1,2,7 excluded)
  • Container LSD (Lashing/Securing/Dunnaging) Services

Container Capacity Specifications

Bonded 1.250
   Indoor CFS 1.250
Bonded 125.000
   Container Area at the Port 110.000
   Outdoor CFS Area 15.000
Unbonded 70.000
   Empty containers area 70.000

Container Capacity of the Port: 400.000 TEU/year
Bonded CFS Capacity: 500 TEU/day
Unbonded Empty Container Area Capacity: 4.000 TEU

Container Operation Volumes

Borusan port

Average SSG Operation Rate: 30 moves per hour
Average MHC Operation Rate: 17 moves per hour

Container Information Management Systems

All operational processes at Borusan Port are handled by automated systems coordinated through the IT infrastructure.

  • The entire 360.000 m2 terminal area is covered by a secure wireless data communications network.
  • 120 cameras monitor the whole port round the clock both for security and for operational continuity.
  • Container operations are tracked through automatically generated work orders.
  • Loading and unloading planning is done over the Terminal Operation System.
  • Pregate and pass card systems reduce time loss.
  • Agents can keep track of port operations online in real time.
  • Cutomers are notified of container status via SMS for inspection and full inspection procedures.
  • Together with other global ports, Borusan Port implemented Navis Sparcs N4 in March, 2011.Prime-Route and Auto-Stow modules were brought into operation later in the year to enable terminal truck optimization and faster planning of Navis Sparcs N4 applications.

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Value Added Container Services

  • Container washing with hot/cold water
  • Loading/unloading/securing all types of special consignment containers (L/S/D)
  • Special CFS area equipment for handling all kinds of products
  • Enclosed CFS tent for handling all kinds of weather-sensitive consignments