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A customer focused approach forms the foundation of our mission, values and business creed at Borusan Lojistik. And constantly upgraded customer-oriented practices help establish this approach as an integral part of our company culture.

borusan portIn the broadest sense, CRM is a strategy used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. Designed to facilitate efficient customer relation management so as to ensure mutually value creating long-term partnerships, CRM requires redefining sales, marketing and service processes around a customer focused outlook.

The system is centered around three factors – Human Resource, Process, and Technology. CRM projects involve structuring these three factors in a way that will best serve the organization’s business strategies.

At Borusan Lojistik we believe in taking full advantage of technology in our business processes. The CRM software we installed in January 2006 helps us store a wealth of information about our customers in a unified database so that we can instantly access up to date information online.

Customized to best match our work processes, and constantly upgraded to keep pace with technologic developments and evolving needs, the program is used by our entire sales and customer relations corps as well as executives.


borusan portIn parallel to the close relationship we establish with our customers, Borusan Lojistik also conducts systemic surveys, analyses of customer feedbacks (including criticisms, complaints, requests, suggestions and acknowledgements of appreciation) as well as root cause studies so as to be able to anticipate, understand and meet evolving needs and expectations, and to avoid recurrence of problems. At Borusan Lojistik, customer feedbacks are always welcome and valued as developmental tools.

Borusan Lojistik embarked on its quest to put a stronger emphasis on customer satisfaction in 2002 when it set up the Customer Focus Project Group. Customer Satisfaction Interviews were followed by Voice of the Customer Management Project where ‘voice of the customer’ signifies all feedback we receive from our customers. After nearly eight months of intense work, the VOC Model was finalized and implemented.

The VOC management model incorporates:

  • Systematic and integrative approach to VOC (improved comprehension)
  • Boosting the performance levels of work processes to better address customer expectations (improved implementation)
  • Supplying products and services that meet customer expectations (improved service)

Capturing the Voice of the Customer

Gathering voice of the customer data is the first function of the VOC model. Systematic data gathering is essential if we want to reach an accurate picture. Accordingly, all Borusan Lojistik employees are equally responsible when it comes to gathering and recording customer feedback.

Criticisms, suggestions, requests, notes of appreciation and similar feedback are meticulously entered in records.

Customers can voice their feedback concerning our processes and activities in the course of regular visits from Borusan Lojistik Sales and Customer Services Department staff.

Annual customer visits complementing our Customer Satisfaction Interviews and VOC surveys provide another opportunity to gather feedback.

In addition to the above, customers are encouraged to contact us via written letter, phone, fax or the contact form on our website.

ISO 10002

borusan limanAwarded EFQM Recognition for Excellence in 2006, Borusan Lojistik further refines its commitment to quality with the implementation of the ISO 10002 standard.

The international standard for Complaints Handling Management Systems, ISO 10002 enables us to handle customer feedback more efficiently and improve our processes.

Basic Requirements for the ISO 10002 Standard

  • Strong customer focus on the part of the company
  • Top management involvement and commitment
  • Awareness of their individual tasks and responsibilities, and high involvement on the part of the employees
  • Keeping record of all complaints (even when unjustified
  • Handling and analysis of complaints
  • Identifying root causes to avoid recurrence
  • Taking into consideration all reasonable solutions when planning improvements
  • Keeping the complainant informed at every stage of the process
  • Keeping record of all correspondence and examination documents pertaining to the complaint
  • Identification and follow up of process performance criteria
  • Continuous improvement.

ISO 10002 Complaints Handling Management Systems Certificate crowns Borusan Lojistik’s ongoing efforts to boost customer satisfaction. The only logistics service provider in Turkey to date to receive this certificate, Borusan Lojistik owes its pioneering move in part to its success with the Voice of the Customer Management System that was implemented the year 2003.

Please click to read Borusan Lojistik Customer Feedback Management Guide Book

ISO 9001

borusan port Quality Management Standard

  • Assesses, analyzes and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Enables fast and efficient management as well as resolution of customer expectations or complaints.
  • Manages suppliers and their performance to ensure continuous development.
  • Enables continuous improvement through complementary systems including 6 Sigma, Suggestions System, and Corrective and Preventive actions.
  • Enhances efficient employee participation.
  • Monitors, analyzes and develops process performances.