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IIP is a pioneering international Human Resources standard providing a framework that helps organisations improve performance and realise objectives through the effective management and development of their people.

Launched in the UK in 1990, IIP aims to improve the efficiency of organizations’ investments in their employees, and to ensure these investments match organizational needs. IIP is assessed on the basis of 4 principles, 12 indicators and 33 criteria.

IIP’s main benefits to Borusan Lojistik employees are:

  • Efficient response to feedbacks on work processes,
  • Continuous review and improvement of development programs,
  • Improved recognition and feedback from managers on the employee’s development,
  • Improved correspondence between the development plan and the employee’s performance targets.

Borusan Lojistik received IIP certification at 19th November 2008. Borusan Lojistik is the first Turkish company to receive this certification at logistics sector.

Employee Suggestions System

Launched with the slogan "It all started with a suggestion," our suggestions system allows employees to submit suggestions online, addressed directly to the relevant managers, over the Borusan Lojistik portal. The process can be tracked over the portal as well. Employees' suggestions and creativity constitute essential elements of our constant drive for further improvement.

OHSAS 18001

borusan port Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard

  • Analyzes existing risks.
  • Plans and manages improvements in terms of ISG.
  • Plans and manages emergencies; ensures emergency preparedness.
  • Prioritizes employee health and safety.
  • Provides constant training to employees to raise awareness.
  • Creates safer work environments through visual aids and operational preventive measures.