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Corporate Social Responsibility

borusan portBesides supporting culture and arts as a member of the Borusan Group, a leading patron of the arts in Turkey, Borusan Lojistik’s social responsibility activities are focused on the three major themes of children, education and sports.

Our corporate social responsibility philosophy emphasizes being attuned to the expectations of the general public alongside the expectations of our employees, customers and shareholders. Accordingly, we take social expectations in consideration in our strategic plans; and we utilize the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in full to keep our environmental impact under strict control.

As dictated by our corporate social responsibility outlook, our values and principles, compliance with the law, exemplary good business practices and active participation in sectoral initiatives are some of the other ways we contribute to the society we live in.

Children’s Painting Competition

borusan portSince 2003, Borusan Lojistik has been holding an annual painting competition open to the children of all our employees, and each year we contribute to the school expenses of the finalists. After running with the environment as the central theme for three consecutive years, the competition focused on traffic rules in 2007. We also engaged Turnagöl Children’s Theater who staged the play "Traffic Rules Keep Us Safe on the Road" in all our regional zones, helping raise awareness and inform children on the basics of traffic safety.

borusan portBorusan Lojistik staff and executives cooperated with the theater group’s scriptwriters to create a play that incorporated core company values, and we were happy to do our part in delivering an instructive message to children on an important social subject. The first staging of the play featured our CEO, Kaan Gürgenç, in the cast of characters. Other company executives and regional directors continued the tradition by taking part in subsequent stagings. Parents in the audience were delighted to see these familiar faces on the stage, while the interactive script drew the children in and helped them learn traffic rules while having fun.

Toys Campaign

We were a major participant in “A Toy for Every Child” campaign in 2005, dispensing 26 thousand toys to nearly 9500 children aged 0-14 living in Social Services Child Protection Institution’s residential establishments. Our specially assigned vehicle visited 92 residential establishments across Turkey during the two month-long campaign, and volunteers from Borusan Lojistik travelled with the vehicle dealing out the toys to the children.

To put the campaign in figures: We reached 9500 children in Child Protection Institution’s residential establishments. Over 26 thousand toys were personally distributed to their happy recipients. The specially assigned Borusan Lojistik vehicle drove a total of 25.000 kilometers across Turkey. And we put in three thousand man hours of work counting, handling and packing the toys.

Upon the successful completion of the campaign, we were awarded a medal of honor as well as a letter of appreciation by the Social Services Child Protection Institution for our exemplary planning and execution of the distribution.

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Contributing to the regions we are active in is an integral part of Borusan Lojistik’s awoved mission. In recent years we supported the local efforts to restore Gemlik Sailing Club back to life, and the young team lost no time in making us proud with the series of awards they have won both at home and abroad in the last two seasons.

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Academic Cooperation

We strongly believe in academic cooperation, and we are especially focused on platforms where entrepreneurs and engineers of the future can come together with today’s professionals. Accordingly, Borusan Lojistik is among the sponsors of the annual logistics training camp organized by Yıldız Technical University’s Quality and Productivity Club. Held for the benefit of students from various higher learning institutions as well as young professionals seeking to further their knowledge about the sector, the camp features presentations and seminars by leading names in the logistics field. A case analysis competition marks the conclusion of the camp, and finalists are presented the opportunity of internship at Borusan Lojistik. We also support and contribute to academic events in other universities, including Galatasaray University’s Quality Days.

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We cooperate with the career clubs of several universities and welcome student trips to our facilities where they can watch our operations firsthand.


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borusan portOur ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate attests to Borusan Lojistik’s emphasis on restricting environmental impact. Gemlik Port is one of the earliest ports in Turkey to establish and run a licenced discharge reception facility. Put into operation in March 2, 2006, our Discharge Reception Facility keeps solid, liquid and hazardous waste of visiting ships under control, and treats the discharge when necessary. In this way, we are doing our part to help protect our seas and contribute to Turkey’s compliance with international obligations.

We have also taken the extra step of converting port cranes to electric power so as to curb air and noise pollution.

borusan portThe waste products of our work processes are sorted and sent to recycling facilities. Non-recyclable toxic waste is disposed of in the appropriate manner specified by regulations. We have also established a temporary waste storage area in our Gebze warehouse to make sure hazardous chemicals in batteries are prevented from poisoning the natural environment. And we have carefully chosen non-CFC using air conditioners for our new Headquarters.

We are careful to involve our employees and families in Borusan Lojistik’s quest for environmental protection. The environmental brochure we published to be distributed to our staff and their families, "Recycle and Reuse for a Better Quality of Life", included coloring pages meant to attract the attention of even the youngest children.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management Standard borusan port

  • Analyzes the environmental impact of its activities.
  • Plans and manages environmental objectives.
  • Is committed to steadily reduce its environmental impact.
  • Plans and manages emergencies; ensures emergency preparedness.
  • Prioritizes environmental awareness.
  • Sorts waste products at the source, and disposes of them with the least possible impact on the environment.
  • Keeps the environmental factor in sight across the scope of its dealings with suppliers and customers.